Declan’s Journey To Recovery: Part Two

declanThe following article is the second part of Declan’s Journey To Recovery. To read Part One click here.

The baby was born, Declan described her as so beautiful.

Declan was struggling, he found it difficult to visit Brenda in the hospital without having had a drink.

It is fair to point out that Declan had the best intentions, and was looking forward to being the best husband and father he could be.

His dependency on alcohol was very evident at this stage and family members were making remarks and raising concerns. The reality was Declan just couldn’t stop drinking.

Declan recalls thinking it will be different when the child comes home; again, alcohol clouded all his priorities.

Declan couldn’t be trusted to mind the child. He was unable to take any responsibility for his wife Brenda and child. It was at this point that Declan can see that he isolated himself, drinking more, drinking daily, drinking early and just basically topping up. As drinking increased, relationships decreased.

Declan was to struggle desperately with his problem without any intervention for the next 3 years.

He would say he didn’t feel he was doing anything wrong. He justified this by believing that he went to work, provided well and was living normally. Today Declan recognises all of this as denial and rationalisation, both symptoms of the disease of alcoholism. He would say that he substituted his relationship with Brenda and the child with the bottle.

Finally Declan was to realise that his behaviour was declining and became risky. His morals and values were no longer sustainable. Everything he loved and cared about was lost and Declan was really in trouble.

To be continued.

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