Online gambling: how I lost my wife, children and £175,000

Justin Rees

Davina’s Ark, an organisation that works with both the Person in Addiction and Family Members, recognises that Gambling is a Hidden Addiction, which is NO respecter of Social Class or Status.

They would also like to highlight the cost of this addiction to families and children.

Speaker Justyn Reese Larcombe recently visited the province to talk about how he developed this secret addiction; its subsequent impact on family life and his recovery.

“He may not have had it all, but he had quite a lot of it: A grand house, fast car, glittering career, happy family, even the Sword of Honour from his heady military career. Justyn Rees Larcombe lost all of that, and more, when he developed a secret addiction to gambling. His book Tails I Lose (Lion Hudson, 2014) is a gripping story of a proud, gifted, driven man who found himself slipping into a way of life that was out of his control. It became dangerous, dishonest and ultimately degrading – and yet, the only way out seemed to be further in. The book tells how it came crashing down, and how he found the hope to make a new start.”

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