About Our Services

Davina’s Ark does not believe that ‘one size fits all’. Given the complexity and range of issues associated with addiction we utilise a ‘client centred care approach’, whereby emphasis is placed on empowering the service user to give direction to the entire process.

Davina’s Ark will focus on creating a supportive, respectful and trusting environment where we value the individual’s inherent skills and empower participants to utilise these skills. For the person in addiction the aftercare program will help the individual manage their own life. It helps them to find the empowerment they need to live their life free from alcohol, drugs or behavioural addictions thus preventing relapse that may ultimately lead to death.

Products and services are therefore tailored to meet individual and / or family needs and include:

  • One to one counselling

  • Extended non residential 6 – 12 week programmes

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Family Support

  • Workshops

  • Education Programmes

  • Community Training on Addiction

  • Community Training on Psychological Trauma

The emphasis placed on products and services by Davina’s Ark is to assist individuals and families whose lives are affected by addiction. The aim is to prevent relapse and to aid recovery and enable rehabilitation through the acquisition of life enhancing skills and enable rehabilitation.

We at Davina’s Ark recognise that the consequences of addiction radiate far beyond the person in addiction. Consequently interventions including awareness raising, training and education need to be provided so that those often remote from the initial impact are able to identify, understand, relate to and support the person in addiction.

Addiction permeates all aspects of society and at Davina’s Ark products and services are developed to address the consequences of the addiction ‘ripple impact effect’.