For Communities

Is your community interested in gaining information or an insight into addiction, recovery, effects on the family? If the answer is Yes then Davina’s Ark can provide this.

It is an important principle for Davina’s Ark to be involved in community outreach, we aim to be an active, positive force within our communities.

As members of the community, we believe that we have a social responsibility to support, contribute to the improvement of, not only our communities, but our entire region as well by providing access to our specialized aftercare addiction services.

One way we can contribute is to educate local communities on issues regarding addiction and recovery.

We will gladly come speak with or provide information, awareness and education services and also one to one conselling to any community group. Topics can include the mission and work of Davina’s Ark, but can also focus more specifically on issues such as addiction, recovery, family affected by addiction, family intervention etc.