The reality of prescription drug addiction in Donegal

By Cronan Scanlon

MORE and more young Donegal people are becoming addicted to a popular cough mixture, forcing some pharmacies to take the medicine off their shelves.

This week, one parent also tells the Donegal News about the nightmare of his son’s addiction to Codinex, an over-the-counter remedy that contains a morphine derivative called Codeine.

Codeine can be found in many painkillers such as Solpadeine and Nurofen Plus, however, Codinex is more popular with addicts due to its “purity”.

While it is perfectly legal to sell Codinex without prescription, a number of pharmacists told this paper they have been forced to take certain measures to prevent some people getting their hands on it.

One chemist even claimed that people were coming from outside the area with “forged prescriptions” in order to get it and other prescribed drugs.

“We prefer not to sell Codinex over the counter and offer a much less addictive alternative. We are very careful when it comes to selling anything containing Codeine,” one chemist explained.

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Source: Donegal News